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As it turns out, one of my big post-surgery fears — going into grocery stores — hasn’t turned out to be a problem at all. I had been dreading my first trip back to a place where I’d be surrounded by food. Oreos. Pop-Tarts. Cupcakes. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Entenmann’s donuts. All temptations I need to avoid now.

As it turns out, it wasn’t that bad. The Complementary Spouse and I were running errands over the weekend, and he said he’d drop me off before going to Winn-Dixie. “I can’t avoid grocery stores forever,” I told him. “I’ll go with you.”

It was a little disappointing to walk in and see all the food I won’t be able to eat for months. It wasn’t just the sweets, which I’ll need to minimize for the rest of my life. It was the hot dogs, English muffins, pineapple, and other staples. But I didn’t feel nearly as tempted as I thought I would. I even picked out some things for myself: some Jell-O instant chocolate pudding (Footnote 1), and some sugar-free seedless raspberry jam to put on top of cottage cheese (Footnote 2).

Since that initial trip to Winn-Dixie, I’ve been to Publix and Spouts. I’ve also perused the food aisles at Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Walmart. And I haven’t had a problem. This is progress.

1. I can mix two scoops of protein powder in as I prepare Jell-O pudding. With the milk and protein powder, each half-cup serving has about 14 grams of protein. My goal is to have between 80 and 100 grams a day.
2. Another food that’s shockingly high in protein, even if the texture leaves something to be desired.

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