Weighty matters and a little bingeing

I saw the nutritionist yesterday, and I was shocked to step on her scale and find out that I’ve only lost one pound. On my scale at home, I have lost about six pounds. I’m puzzled to provide an explanation, except that the first time I went to the nutritionist is was in the morning, and this time was in the afternoon. Still, that doesn’t account for the differences between scales.

I’m inclined to believe my scale at home is right. It’s very advanced and supposed to be highly accurate, and it connects through Wi-Fi to my phone so I can track all my measurements in the Apple Health app. Nonetheless, the only scale that counts for my nutritionist is hers.

I’ve been doing very well with my eating, keeping myself to about 1,500 to 1,700 calories a day. I cheated a little bit on my recent trip to Washington, D.C. — perhaps my last chance to try Uyghur cuisine! — but didn’t veer too far off. I will fess up to having had several cocktails, including one called the Hello Kitty, which I purchased solely because of its name.

Yesterday, after getting the news, I was disappointed in myself and started eating a humungous bag of Nilla Wafers that had been sitting in the pantry since the Complementary Spouse made banana pudding about six months ago. They were very comforting. Eventually, the Complementary Spouse took them out of my hands, and I went upstairs early so I wouldn’t be tempted by any more food.

This morning, still upset, I had a snack cake on the way into the office. However, I think I’ve now worked all of this disappointment out of my system and I’m ready to eat healthy again.

What bothers me is that this proves that disappointment, or general feelings of depression, are a trigger for me to eat. If I have the surgery, I simply can’t reach for Little Debbie (Footnote 1) every time I get down. I suppose I need to concentrate a little more on behavior modification.

The thing that upsets me the most is that, because of this, the nutritionist won’t clear me for surgery. I have to go back in July for another weigh-in. I hope to have lost at least five pounds by then. That means I’ll lose a pound a week, which is achievable. Then again, that’s what I *thought* I was doing before yesterday’s weigh-in. So I simply don’t know what to think now.

1. Little Debbie is a brand of snack cakes here in the Southeast U.S. (Footnote 2). If you don’t know what Little Debbie is, the statement sounds quite naughty and possibly illegal.
2. Little Debbie is best known for oatmeal cream pies. Alabama football coach Nick Saban has been known to eat these for breakfast.

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