Luc(k)y dog

When the Complementary Spouse and I got Lucy the Wonderpup in 2013, I figured that she would provide us with a lot of opportunities for exercise. I pictured long walks along the river, or playing fetch in the dog park.

This hasn’t come to pass.

Lucy the Wonderpup might not be the most animated dog in the world, but she is the most photogenic.

Lucy is a homebody, and is content to sit on the back of the sofa and look out of the window. When it’s time to go out, she won’t venture more than a block away from the house. If we take her anywhere else, she’s tug on the leash so hard that I’m worried she’ll choke herself. (We have a harness that has ameliorated the problem a little bit.)

As for playing fetch in the dog park, Lucy won’t play fetch (she’ll get the ball but not bring it back) and she doesn’t really like the dog park. She’ll play a little bit, and maybe sniff the other dogs, but then she’ll be ready to leave in 10 minutes. Which is a shame, because we have a handful of really great dog parks near Camp David, including one with great views of Tampa Bay.

I’m hoping that as I lose weight and get in shape, I’ll be able to coax Lucy to do more activities outside the house. I haven’t entirely given up on that dream of walking along the river and playing fetch.

By the way, Lucy isn’t entirely inactive. Sometimes, when she’s in the move, she’ll be lively and energetic. Plus, the vet says she’s in excellent shape!

This is a picture we took the day Lucy the Wonderpup came to live with us. Look at her tail wagging!

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