The time for healing is over

Great news! It is two months and two days after my surgery, which means my stomach is mostly healed and I can eat a variety of foods. Of course, some things like pasta are still off limits, mainly because they’re high in carbs and I’m still trying to keep my calorie count down. But I can have steak and chicken (Footnote 1), fruit and veggies that aren’t fibrous (Footnote 2), and even an occasional piece of bread (Footnote 3).

Despite the expanded dietary freedom, I’ve decided to preserve my current eating habits on weekdays. This includes two protein shakes (8 ounces each) twice a day, two Dannon Oikos Triple Zero yogurts, a light dinner, and perhaps a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich as a treat.

On the weekends, I expect I’ll be more experimental with my diet. I think I’d like to go out for a proper steak soon — until now, I’ve been having meatloaf and chopped steak.

1. I have left turkey off this list, because it no longer agrees with my stomach. I guess I’ll be having something different for Thanksgiving.
2. As examples, I have to avoid pineapple and celery.
3. Actually, I’ve been sneaking in some toast for a few weeks now. Don’t tell anyone.

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