Take me out to the ballgame

Last week, the Astros-Rangers series was moved from Houston to Tropicana Field. Tickets were only $10, and parking was also reduced. The Complementary Spouse and I decided to go on Wednesday night. This marked my first major trip out of the house since the surgery, and I was curious to see how well I would sit in the narrow seats.

The game was great: Although we were routing for the Astros, the Rangers played superbly and we saw them score six runs in the fourth inning. Even better, I fit relatively well in the seats — there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but I didn’t feel like I was spilling over into the adjacent seats.

Food wasn’t a problem for me. When we arrived, the Complementary Spouse got a footlong hot dog, which was tempting, and I really wish I was able to get my own. Yet, I was more jealous than hungry. I wanted a hot dog, but I wasn’t really hungry for a hot dog. That’s a significant differentiation, and I need to be aware of it.

So, what did I get at the ballgame? I just got a bottled water (Footnote 1), and brought a packet of Crystal Light lemonade from home (Footnote 2).

I’m very excited that I fit well into the seats at the Trop. I remember going to a Lightning game a few years ago, and my flab extended over the armrest. I was so embarrassed that all I wanted to do was leave. Being able to attend sporting events will improve the quality of my life. The Rays might not have much more to offer this season, but bring on the Lightning!

1. Price: $50
2. The tiny foil packet set of the metal detector.

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