Speaking of bungee jumping

I mentioned a few posts ago that I plan to go bungee jumping when I’m thin enough to fit in the harness. It’s one of the items on my skinny bucket list.

Today, scrolling through my phone, I found some pictures of where I want to go bungee jumping in Queenstown, N.Z.

This is the sign pointing to the A.J. Hackett bungee jump site.

This is the ledge jump site. As you can see, it extends over the mountain.

This is what I’ll see when I jump. Of course, I’ll be upside down and screaming my lungs out.

Thought y’all might enjoy these pictures from 2010. If you’d like to accompany me on my bungee jump, you’re more than welcome to! Of course, you should expect to pay for your own airfare, lodging, and food.

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