Just realized something amusing (Footnote 1). My last name is Simanoff (as you probably know), and my immediate family pronounces the first syllable like it rhymes with “him.” That’s why I chose Slimanoff as the name for this blog — it’s a takeoff on the word “slim” and rhymes with my last name.

However, my relatives in the Northeast all say the last name differently. They pronounce the first syllable like it rhymes with “eye.” That means, as soon as they learn about this site and see the name, they’ll think it’s pronounced “Slime-manoff.”

It’s really all their fault for pronouncing it wrong.

Here’s a little reminder meme I created for them several years ago.

1. At least to me.

1 thought on “Pronunciation

  1. You left out the part of how Nana pronounced it one way and Grandpa another way. Wonder if my whole life would have been different if I pronounced it your way 🙂

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