On my reluctance to share my weight

So, you might be wondering why I haven’t disclosed my weight so far on this blog. After all, I’ve been an open book about everything else.

I don’t have a good answer why. It just hasn’t felt right.

When I started gaining a lot of weight, I kept the number a secret. I didn’t even tell the Complementary Spouse. I didn’t step on scales for months at a time, knowing that the number would make me feel like a failure.

So, after years of practice hiding my weight, it simply feels weird for me to share this number. I will tell you that I think, at my heaviest, I was well over 350 pounds in 2014. It may have been over 360 pounds. I don’t know the exact number, as I avoided the scale during that period. The number has certainly come down since then, but I’m still not proud about it.

I think I will begin writing about my weight once I hit certain milestones. I have a target weight in mind, but I don’t want to make it public in case I don’t reach it. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s not unrealistic.

Here is a picture of me at my heaviest. Look at my face. It is nearly as wide as it is tall. And the temples of my glasses are stretched as far as they’ll go.

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