The Complementary Spouse is Britt Shirley. “Complimentary spouse” is phase we encountered as we were applying for membership at Sam’s Club a few years ago. You’ll notice I changed the I to an E, because the nickname works better that way.

Lucy the Wonderpup is our dog, Lucy. She is the ultimate mutt. Her favorite type of music is reggae.

Camp David is my house, which is located somewhere in the Tampa Bay area.

The Complementary In-Law is either one of Britt’s brothers. They are twins. Craig is the West Coast Complementary In-Law, and Chris is the East Cost Complementary In-Law.

The Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks is the University of Tampa, where I’m currently earning my MBA and master’s in marketing. By the time I make this blog public, I will have finished my studies and have a fancy new diploma to hang in my office.

Hopsitals ABC and XYZ are the names I used originally in this blog as I researched bariatric surgery centers. It didn’t feel right to divulge the names until I had made a decision. Hospital ABC is St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. If you live here, you can probably guess what Hospital XYZ is.

Teevee is my preferred spelling of TV. Don’t tell the AP Stylebook people I said so.