May the flab be with you

It’s rare when someone teases me about my weight. But when it happens, it hurts. And it hurt today. As today is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), I posted a picture on Facebook of me wearing an X-Wing Fighter flight suit. It wasn’t a real photo — it was taken with the Disney Side App, which superimposes items like goggles and helmets over a selfie. Because of the way the image was rendered, my face actually looked slim. Distorted, but slim.

A few minutes later, a friend from high school replies with a picture of Porkins, the unfortunately yet appropriately named fat pilot from the end of A New Hope. Porkins is obese. It looks like he had to be wedged into the fighter. He dies during an attack run because — I am making a supposition here — his fingers are too sweaty and fat to handle the controls. (Another possible explanation: He couldn’t steer the ship because his enormous gut was pushing into the steering wheel.)

This is a picture of Porkins:

I replied on Facebook:

Thanks for the comparison to Porkins …. I’m in no way sensitive about my weight. Why not just photoshop my head on Jabba’s body while you’re at it?

I got this response:

Listen, you are who/what you are and everyone loves you because of that. I could easily take the place of Porkins … though am happy to still be alive.

I suppose that message comes from a good place, as it says that people love me no matter what I weigh. However, I’d love it if the people who love me show a bit more empathy.

The second sentence seems to say that it was OK to make the comment because the poster himself is a little overweight. I’m not sure my interpretation is correct, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and try not to think about it.

Just for the hell of it, and to end this post on a good note, here’s a picture of me as Darth Maul:

I am the villain from a very bad movie.

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