I swear I’m eating healthy

Looking back at some of my last posts, it seems like my eating might be a little out of control. That’s not the case. I’ve been quite diligent with my new eating habits, typically staying under 1,500 calories a day.

For breakfast, I usually have a low fat yogurt. Lunch is half a sandwich, carrots, apple slices, and sometimes a second low fat yogurt. This is a typical lunch:

The complementary spouse cooks dinner. Today, we had chicken and rice with za’atar and curry powder. It was a bit monochromatic but rather tasty.

For dessert, I like the fruit popsicles from Sprouts. The strawberry and raspberry flavors are the best. I plan to slowly phase these out in favor of sugar-free popsicles.

So, don’t let the previous posts fool you. I’ve been working hard to eat better, even though I went off the rails for a few days last month and I’ve had some special treats when we travel. I hope this demonstrates that I have the control to adhere to a very strict diet after the surgery.

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