Don’t count on counting calories

Quartz (Footnote 1) has an article today about how counting calories might not be enough to provide sustainable weight loss because the measurements are inaccurate. In addition, every person processes calories differently.

Excerpt:¬†“All of these factors introduce a disturbingly large margin of error for an individual who is trying, like Nash, Haelle and millions of others, to count calories. The discrepancies between the number on the label and the calories that are actually available in our food, combined with individual variations in how we metabolize that food, can add up to much more than the 200 calories a day that nutritionists often advise cutting in order to lose weight. Nash and Haelle can do everything right and still not lose weight.”

I’m not paranoid, but I think the entire scientific community is out to get me.

1. A very good news website with an eye for interesting stories and a flair for clear, crisp writing. Check them out at No, I am not getting a kickback.

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