Rock on!

In June 2008, the Complementary Spouse and I went to a concert in Dallas (Footnote 1). I bought a concert T-shirt as a souvenir, even though it was a 2XL and I knew it wouldn’t fit me at the time. I just thought, as I always did, that one day it might fit me.

I found that T-shirt. I put it on last night. It fit me perfectly.

1. It was a concert we really wanted to see, but due to our schedules we weren’t able to go in Tampa or anywhere else in Florida. Cyndi Lauper was the headliner, and first song was “Hole in My Heart.”

No tracking, no problems

Now that I’m on a somewhat regular diet, one thing that I won’t miss is having to keep detailed records of exactly what I eat and when I eat it.

For the two months after the surgery, I had to monitor my food very closely to make sure I was getting enough protein while limiting my calories. I created my own trackers to record what I was eating and drinking. If I missed something, the trackers served as a reminder.

Today, I still need to be very conscious of what I eat and drink, but I don’t need to record everything meticulously. So, no more paper trackers.