Up, up, and away

I’m taking my first flight since the surgery today, and the Complementary Spouse and I just boarded. The seat belt fits, but there is not a lot of slack, which disappoints me a little. But I’m not too upset, as previously seat belts were either way too tight or I’d have to use a seat belt extender, which is just embarrassing.

Eye, eye

I’ve noticed something weird in the seven weeks since my surgery. My eyesight seems to have changed. Of course, this may have been happening gradually over the past year, but it has only come into focus (by which I mean lack of focus) recently.

Last night, watching the Bucs game on teevee, I couldn’t make out the score or the other information on the chyron. I’m having a hard time reading street signs when I drive.

The advantage of this situation is that I’ve been able to order new glasses. I got my new sunglasses about a week ago, but had to bring them back because the progressive lenses were not made correctly (Footnote 1). The fixed sunglasses should be ready in a day or two. I’m not wild about the shape, but I got them because they are larger than usual and will block the sun well as I drive.

Even more exciting, my new glasses from Warby Parker are expected to arrive today. I’m a big Warby Parker fan, as we have a retail store near Camp David so I can try on many styles and have the lenses measured properly. This time, I got dark gray frames that are slightly transparent. This pair of sunglasses replaces my old pair of Warby Parkers, which are tortoiseshell-ey on the top and clear on the bottom (Footnote 2).

I’m excited about the new glasses, as they symbolize a new look for my changing body. I’m fairly confident my prescription didn’t change rapidly — it very likely happened over time, and only became noticeable in the past two months.

If I’m wrong, and it turns out that rapid weight loss leads to eyesight changes, it means I get to buy more glasses from Warby Parker! Hooray for inexpensive, stylish glasses!

1. The progressive line was too high, so I couldn’t see well at a distance. If that makes sense.
2. They are really hard to describe, but they’re really handsome glasses. If you’ve seen pictures of me on this blog, you should know what they look like.

My first stall

For the past week, the number on the bathroom scale hasn’t budged. This is called a stall, and all of the books I read about weight-loss surgery warned me about it.

I don’t remember the scientific reason for stalls, but I think it has to do with how quickly you lose weight after surgery. After all, we’re all essentially cavemen. The body is designed to hold onto as much fat as possible so it can be burned later if necessary.

This morning, the scale went down a little bit. I hope that means I’m starting to lose weight again. Fingers crossed.