Rock on!

In June 2008, the Complementary Spouse and I went to a concert in Dallas (Footnote 1). I bought a concert T-shirt as a souvenir, even though it was a 2XL and I knew it wouldn’t fit me at the time. I just thought, as I always did, that one day it might fit me.

I found that T-shirt. I put it on last night. It fit me perfectly.

1. It was a concert we really wanted to see, but due to our schedules we weren’t able to go in Tampa or anywhere else in Florida. Cyndi Lauper was the headliner, and first song was “Hole in My Heart.”

San Francisco food crime

The beginning of July is a special time for me. Over the course of four days, the Complementary Spouse and I celebrate my birthday, our anniversary, and the Fourth of July. This year, we returned to San Francisco — where we were married all those years ago — to see friends, enjoy the town, and eat an embarrassing amount of incredibly good food.

There was only one must-do restaurant on my last meals list in San Francisco, and that was In-N-Out Burger, a fast-food chain that’s prevalent in California but nowhere to be found in Florida. I always order the same thing: a Double Double, animal style (Footnote 1), with no tomato, along with a serving of fries.

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Food, glorious food

It seems like 90 percent of the posts on this blog can be broken down into three categories:

1. I have been eating really well.
2. I fell off the wagon for a day or two, and I’m disappointed in myself.
3. The Complementary Spouse and I have been traveling, and I gorged myself on the most delicious food I have ever eaten.

This past weekend falls into category No. 3. Details soon.