There is no try

I’m watching “The Empire Strikes Back” now, and Luke is about to go to Dagobah. I’m thinking that Yoda would be a sanctimonious, awful personal trainer. Instead of telling people to try their hardest, he would just sit there and say “there is no try.” What kind of motivation is that for someone struggling to succeed? Maybe I’ll do more reps tomorrow, you damn puppet!

Going for a walk (with music!)

I’ve put together a playlist for walks. The songs are all about 120 beats per minute which, if I’m calculating things properly, should lead to 20- to 25-minute miles. It ain’t perfect, but you can’t go too wrong with three Prince songs.

The scrolling list below will preview all the songs. Click on “Listen on Apple Music” to hear the full songs (as long as you subscribe to Apple Music).


Walking on sunshine

Thanks for a handful of work friends, I’m actually getting a decent amount of exercise of weekdays. Our four-man group, which I have dubbed the League of Extraordinary Middle-Aged Gentlemen, take a one-mile walk twice a day. We follow the same path each time: a dogleg through the overflow parking lot, and then two laps around the building.

After I have the surgery, walking will be an important part of my recovery. In fact, from what I’ve read, the hospital staff will force me to walk around the hallways as soon as I am able. This is primarily to prevent blood clots from forming, but it also (I think) has to do with dissipating the air that will be pumped into my abdomen to help the surgeon see where he’s operating.

My goal is to have the surgery in August, when it will be hot and sweaty here in Florida and I probably won’t want to walk outside. Fortunately, there is an indoor track at the JCC.