Black-Out Tour

The Complementary Spouse and I went to see comedian Chris Rock last night at the local performing arts center. I do fit into the seats there, but spill over the armrests a little bit. After a while, the seats feel somewhat confining and I keep shifting around to get more comfortable. It’s never as bad as sitting in an economy airline seat, but it’s a reminder that I’m overweight.

There was a woman at the concert who was extremely morbid. She needed a scooter to get around, and her enormous gut sat on her lap. I wondered if she had considered surgery.

I wanted to take a picture of the seats, but I couldn’t as we had to put our phones in pouches that were locked outside the center. The pouches were only unlocked after the show. It seemed like a drastic way to prevent bootlegging, and I did notice that quite a few people managed to smuggle phones in anyway.

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