A cool theory

I enjoy living in Florida for about six months out of the year. In the summer (which lasts the other six months here) I am miserable. I want to stay indoors all the time. I avoid theme parks, the zoo, picnics, strolls along the riverfront, and so on. Even the walk across from the parked car to the mall entrance is intolerable and sweaty.

But I just realized something.

I’ve been reading on some of the weight-loss discussion board groups that people feel cold after they have surgery. Many people suspect that it’s because they are eating less and losing weight quickly, which can have an affect on the body’s internal thermostat. I think that makes sense, but I believe there’s something else at play — when you lose a lot of weight, you have much less fat to insulate your body.

If I’m right, I essentially have been walking around with a 100-pound winter coat for more than 15 years. My body traps heat, which makes me hotter and sweatier than I should be.

This is a huge motivation for weight loss. If I’m cooler in the summers, I can take up jogging and cycling year-round and do some outdoor things I enjoy. I never expect to be fully comfortable in the middle of a hot, humid Florida summer, but maybe I will tolerate the heat a little better.

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