Getting evaluated

This morning, the Complimentary Spouse went to St. Joseph’s for one-on-one meetings with a psychologist, fitness expert, and dietician (Footnote 1). All three of these professionals must clear me for surgery, and for the most part the meetings went well.

Initial thoughts:

I’ve known the psychologist for several years, and he fully supports my decision to have weight-loss surgery. I chose my surgeon and hospital partly because this psychologist is associated with the program. After catching up, we spoke about what the surgery entails, and how I can prepare myself mentally for the major life changes involved.

The fitness expert talked about the need for cardio, strength training, and stretching before and after the surgery. The strength training is particularly important because it can help with the elasticity of my skin. We set some goals.

The dietician listed some of the changes I’ll have to make to the way I eat. She said it’s better to make changes now so that the post-surgery diet is not such a shock. I’ll need to check back in with her in a month for a progress report.

There’s not much else to say. My biggest complaint is that I had to wait for about an hour before the first meeting began. I suppose the hospital wants people to get there early to fill out paperwork, but I had filled all of mine out before arriving.

1. I suppose they were two-on-one meetings, as there were three people.

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