No tracking, no problems

Now that I’m on a somewhat regular diet, one thing that I won’t miss is having to keep detailed records of exactly what I eat and when I eat it.

For the two months after the surgery, I had to monitor my food very closely to make sure I was getting enough protein while limiting my calories. I created my own trackers to record what I was eating and drinking. If I missed something, the trackers served as a reminder.

Today, I still need to be very conscious of what I eat and drink, but I don’t need to record everything meticulously. So, no more paper trackers.

My first before-and-after photos

Here is what I looked like the day before the surgery.

And this is what I looked like on Sunday, which was one month and one day after surgery.

I can see some differences. Until now, most of the progress I’ve seen has been on the scale, but looking at the photos, I can definitely see that I’m losing weight. The roll of fat on the back of my neck is noticeably smaller. So are my calves (although this isn’t really noticeable in the top photo). And my stomach? Looking good. My shirt looks much flatter (Footnote 1).

I am still waiting to see improvements in my forearms and under my chin, but I’m sure that will come with time.

1. It’s a 3XL Mickey Mouse polo shirt that I bought at the gift store at Animal Kingdom many years ago. I had stashed it under the bed many years ago, because it no longer fit but I liked it enough to keep it. As you can see, it now fits again. I have a white one too, and a few more 3XL shirts I had squirreled away.


I started working back in the office last week, and I was a little disappointed that very people people complimented me on my appearance. Only the people who knew I was having the surgery said anything positive.

Today, out of the blue, a coworker who doesn’t know I had surgery said “It looks like you’ve lost some weight.” I was elated. “Yes, I have,” I said. “Thank you for noticing.”