San Francisco food crime

The beginning of July is a special time for me. Over the course of four days, the Complementary Spouse and I celebrate my birthday, our anniversary, and the Fourth of July. This year, we returned to San Francisco — where we were married all those years ago — to see friends, enjoy the town, and eat an embarrassing amount of incredibly good food.

There was only one must-do restaurant on my last meals list in San Francisco, and that was In-N-Out Burger, a fast-food chain that’s prevalent in California but nowhere to be found in Florida. I always order the same thing: a Double Double, animal style (Footnote 1), with no tomato, along with a serving of fries.

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Food, glorious food

It seems like 90 percent of the posts on this blog can be broken down into three categories:

1. I have been eating really well.
2. I fell off the wagon for a day or two, and I’m disappointed in myself.
3. The Complementary Spouse and I have been traveling, and I gorged myself on the most delicious food I have ever eaten.

This past weekend falls into category No. 3. Details soon.